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Founder Ross D. Siragusa

SINCE 1934

Admiral Corporation Of America

Admiral Corporation Inc. is best known worldwide for its home appliances and electronics. The company was originally known as the Transformer Corporation of America and by 1929 it was the biggest supplier of radio parts in the world. The Great Depression of 1929 took its toll and Ross D Siragusa, our founder, was forced to declare bankruptcy. Later in 1934 he purchased the “Admiral” trademark which went on to officially become Admiral Corporation America Inc., in 1936.

Admiral’s global operations started in 1946 with the opening of its factory in Toronto - Canada with subsequent regions entities in Mexico, Italy, Taiwan and India. By 1966 the company had over 14,000 staff with operations in 110 countries.

On 30-Dec-1953, Admiral America introduced the world's first ever Colour Television, the C1617A at a cost of $1,175 which is $11,747 in 2022. By the 60s’ colour televisions were the must-have electronics product and Admiral’s overall sales revenue sky-rocketed to a whopping $414 million in 1966!

Admiral went on to introduce 75 innovations in designs, production and marketing of home appliances, and radio and TV sets. Please refer to the company’s History Timeline and Product History below for more information.

In 2019, with the launch of Admiral America Energy Inc., the company ventured into e-Mobility, Charging Solutions and Energy Management Systems.

Company History

1924 >

Launch of Transformer Corporation of America

1934 >

Company formally named Admiral Corporation

1944 >

Excellence” award

from the U.S. government for its production efforts during the World War II in April 1944

1954 >

Launched in USA

Introduced the First Color TV

Sold 5 Million TV Sets in 1951

1964 >


opens RHQ in Taiwan

and becomes AOC

Journey begins with Rockwell

1974 >

Small Appliances division

Acquired by Magic Chef

1984 >


in China begins operation for Global Expansion

1994 >

2nd Factory in Beijing China begins operation to meet global demand

2004 >

Admiral Overseas Corporation launched in Mexico.

2014 >

AOC Smart Tv’s Launched

AOC Gaming Monitors Launched

2019 >

Admiral Corporation of America Middle East Africa Head Quarters established.

2020 >

Admiral Appliances 

Opens Middle East Office for ME Africa & CIS in Dubai

2021 >


develops  Energy Storage

& EV Charging Solutions with the launch of Admiral Energy,

partnering with Greealtairnano

2021 >

Admiral Mobility 

Established in 2021 focused on developing new energy commercial trucks,

vans and buses.

2021 >

Admiral Energy

announces partnership with

Hitachi Energy for Grid Charging Solutions.

2022 >

Admiral Appliances 

announces partnership with ETG as a strategic distribution partner in UAE & Africa 

2022 >

Admiral Mobility

announces partnership

with Geely Farizon - leading

global Commercial Electric Vehicle manufacturers

2023 >

Admiral Mobility

 announces partnership

with AVIS UAE, to provide EV trucks for

the leasing market,

2023 >

Admiral Energy 

announces partnership

with AUTEL, to expand EV charging infrastructure in the

Middle East and Africa.

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Product History